Just because weight training is good doesn’t mean that more is automatically better.

While hitting the weights consistently is a simple and proven way to boost testosterone, overdoing it can actually have the opposite effect.

This is only true up to a point though, as going low can begin to work against you.

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What’s more, another study found that strength training also up-regulates your body’s androgen receptors.

So, your free testosterone (the testosterone that is not bound to albumin and thereby available for your receptors) will be more efficiently used.

Training tolerance is a fairly individual thing and depends on a variety of factors, and you can check out my previous post “10 Signs And Symptoms Of Overtraining” for more information.

Excessively high body fat is associated with increased estrogen levels and lower testosterone, and if your current percentage falls much beyond the high teens, dropping some of that excess fat will be a simple and reliable way to increase testosterone levels.

This is especially true if you’re already living a fairly stressful lifestyle outside of the gym or perform other physically demanding activities throughout the week.

According to a study from France on international rugby players, overtraining drops testosterone in an almost dose-dependent manner.

(2) In the study, a group of 20 male university students took part in a strength training program 3 times per week.

After 4 weeks, the testosterone levels of the men increased by an average of 40% while resting cortisol levels decreased by 24%.

There’s no correlation, but it’s a trend that just keeps on going.