The PS Series scales on-demand and online allowing storage growth without disrupting applications.

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The updated Acronis Active Protection collects data and sends it to the Acronis Cloud AI infrastructure for analysis.

Machine learning models are created from expected and unexpected behavior, and malicious and legitimate processes.

Equal Logic PS Series arrays include the following enterprise data services and software features with no additional software licensing fees: Management Dell Equal Logic PS Series arrays represent a breakthrough in storage economics, from purchase and setup to operation and upgrades.

Unlike traditional SANs, the Equal Logic PS Series includes software and applications expected from an enterprise-level SAN at no extra cost.

Any process deemed abnormal prompts the Acronis True Image backup software to send an alert to the administrator.

Real-time monitoring helps verify processes so normal activities continue to run while irregular behavior is stopped.

The Equal Logic PS Series is designed to meet and exceed the ruggedness requirements of the data center.

The PS6000XV includes fault tolerance capabilities through fully redundant and hot-swappable components — dual-controllers, standard dual fan trays, dual power supplies and disk drives with hot spares.

With 15,000 rpm SAS disk drives, the PS6000XV array provides high transactional performance with up to 9.6 TB* of storage capacity per array.