As for scene at the end of S5 (no spoilers), she called it harrowing, said she wouldn’t speak to Brad Henke who plays Piscatella during those days of filming and said it took seven wigs.

There was also the struggle she had in convincing them to ditch Janeway’s ridiculous bouffant top-knot, padded breasts and boots so she could fully inhabit the role.

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I attended main events for the first two days, but my third was spent doing interviews with Maria Canals Barrera, meeting fantastic, innovative artists (watch for upcoming interviews) and checking out the trade show floor.

I can’t really remember why I nixed the series, but after watching her panel it’s a decision I’d like to rectify.

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Originally producers wanted the Russian cook to have just the tinge of an accent, but when Mulgrew slipped into the now familiar guttural dialect, which she smoothly switched into before our eyes to our utter delight, the show let her take the lead.

Ertesi gün uyanınca "Ava giderken avlandık" demişler.

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