Note: The title is a parody of the song Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.

My daughter Jacquelyn recently went to visit a friend stationed in Okinawa to hang out with her 3-year-old for a couple weeks. A few days into the visit, Ethan was running around the dining room table in an attempt to avoid putting on his clothes for school.

Her friend pulled the classic mom-reverse-psychology and announced “Okay, fine, no school for you today.” Faster than lighting, Ethan was in his shirt and running toward the car.

Enchantra puts a dark curse on the red roses Sabrina brings to school to give to her human friends on Valentine's Day.

With Veralupa's help, Sabrina must gather all of the snarling fanged roses to keep her human friends safe from being eaten alive.

While mood swings are common for teenagers, be cautious of a drastic change in attitude or even your daughter’s appearance.

If she used to ride horses and wear pink, but she suddenly comes home and wants to buy an all-black wardrobe, this could mean that she is being influenced by an outside source.

Third, apologize to your daughter and own your part of the crisis.

As a parent you have played a role in this, so try and think about what that could be. Have an honest conversation which focuses on a few essential questions: We talk a great deal in our book about the need to communicate and teach your daughter about dating rather that just forbidding her from dating.

Once her two worlds collide, Sabrina is the only one who has the ability to battle her enemies while attempting to maintain her secret identity as a witch from all of the humans around her.

Unlike previous versions, Sabrina is shown to be a witch princess; destined to rule all of the magical world one day as queen.

When Sabrina has both a school play and a witch battle with her and her cousin Ambrose against an Ice Giant on the same night, her friendship with Jessie - the only human that knows that she is a witch - is put to the test; especially with Enchantra's arrogant son, Shinji, running interference during the battle.