Within any one group, most boys have a three- to five-guy inner circle.Then there are a few more guys they associate with but are not close to.The Conscience worries about getting caught and the consequences.

It's like when someone says, "No one beats up my little brother but me." If someone outside the group goes after the Punching Bag, the other guys will defend him to the death. If his parents have money, he'll try to build his friendships by bragging or buying.

Whoever he dates, his friends will harass him for it. Guys can tolerate a Fly for a while, but usually the frustration builds and at some point the other guys have had enough and lash out.

Despite what we're calling him, the Mastermind doesn't often look and act as calculating and intelligent as the name might imply, but his ability to influence others is what counts.

Although Masterminds and Associates can look similar, the Associate is much more talkative and well liked.

When there's tension in the group, the Entertainer diffuses it.

He's willing to make fun of himself and do awkward things to refocus the attention. He responds to the bragging and aggression of other members of his group by bragging himself in ways that are clearly absurd. His use of humor allows him to be more secure and forgiving.Sometimes he'll get tired of his nice-guy reputation and do something to prove he's not so innocent.In almost every group of guys, there's one guy who the others love but relentlessly ridicule.The idea is to be spontaneous rather than structuring outings weeks in advance. For those who prefer to meet one-on-one and are seeking a platonic connection, Peoplehunt could be for you.Also based on activities and interest, you could find a workout buddy or someone to practice French with.He can be rude to guys who are outside his group, and he'll say stupid, perverted things to girls because the Mastermind or Associate tells him to.