Just don’t expect your Sagittarius man to stay home and warm the couch with you either; he’ll probably still go without you.Hopefully you won’t decline invitations too often or soon you and he will be living separate lives.

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Dating a Sagittarius Man As with anything in his life, the Sagittarius man is in one of two modes—he’s either on or off.

There’s no dimmer switch to this fire sign’s affections.

It’s fun, it feels good and hopefully, it involves a little experimentation.

Still, to get to that stage with a Sagittarius man takes time, believe it or not.

The Sagittarius man is a sensitive, thoughtful and compassionate soul who longs to share his life with someone who matches his freedom-loving and hopeful spirit.

Like his ruler, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, the Sagittarius man can emanate an energy field almost as large as life itself.For the Sagittarius man, when a romantic relationship is over, it’s over. Sex With a Sagittarius Man The Sagittarius man wants to kick back and enjoy the ride, and that’s what he wants for his partner too.There will be no wavering, second-guessing or looking back. If you want to experience wild abandon and all of its endorphin-inducing qualities with a Sagittarius man, then you’d better check your inhibitions and heavy emotional baggage at the door.He has very specific likes and dislikes in the bedroom; he also wants to know yours.While dating a Sagittarius man, you’ll probably spend a lot of time exploring and getting to know your sexual tastes.While most people develop a relationship over time, going from friendship to dating to commitment, the Sagittarius man will go from one extreme to the other and at their own quick pace.