There is no pre-programmed setting for such a close-up view of the OFI, so it was clearly deliberate, and no way of knowing who was doing it.

Safe live xx webcams-46

In the same way, you could see straight into two other private homes overlooking the river; should Kits and Bill, their guests and holiday tenants also have their windows screened from Peeping Toms?

I was able to watch the movements of people waiting alone on the slipway at night, could distinguish the number plates of cars on the ferry in the day, and see with exceptional clarity young families playing on the old slipway on the Fowey side, blissfully unaware that I or anyone else was watching them.

Bunting went up at front of Ferryman's last night- neither to celebrate SWW sorting things, nor to wish me a happy birthday today- but the countdown to Regatta!

You have a whole new set of we fans- Hi to SWW, and its contractors, who are using the webcam to monitor their emergency works on the slip.

The webcam is working,because the clock is working.

It seems that there is something over the camera which is stopping it showing anything.The preset locations include Ferrymans Cottage Deck, the Bodinnick Ferry Slipway, the Old Ferry Inn Pub, the Bodinnick Phonebox, Daphne De Mauriers old house, the Station Road Slipway and Mixtow.A Google Map of the viewable locations is available Hi John Sorry you are having difficulty.But do us all a favour and stop leaving arrogant and rude comments, and let us get on with fixing the webcam for those people that appreciate it. If you are going to do stuff online, at least make sure it works.Than you Slip has reopened and SWW working, they tell us,on a long term solution to the problems.I do agree that perhaps we should not be able to zoom in on people's windows across the water, however, I could stand on the quayside (or at a window) and look across the water with a pair of binoculars and nobody would say a thing would they?