Self-indulgent, the Taurus revels in fine food, drink, and lavish surroundings.With a materialistic bent, the finer things in life take precedent in a Taurean's eye.

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Usually good natured and slow to anger, they make for faithful spouses and loving parents.

Taurus can benefit from curbing its obstinate nature and realizing that those with the most toys don't always win.

A creative and private sign, the Goat is generally most relaxed frolicking in its own imagination.

Unorganized and content, this sign would rather bask in the riches of thought than those of the world.

Possessing a sensitive temperament, they tend to feel insecure and unwanted without justification.

For this reason, they can experience anxiety attacks over the pettiest occurrences, and thus require a great deal of support and open reassurance from their partners.Hi, I`m Alexandr, I`m a friendly, gentle and attentive person. I'm 34 years old, romantic, inquisitive, kind, cheerful, good companion and I'm from Russia :) Now I'm in search of a serious relationship and marriage. I like swimming, walking on nature, I love the sea and the ocean, I love traveling, fitness. I`m intellectual and romanticist, having a great feeling of beauty, but also I don`t forget about real life. All my life I was in love with the USA (the countr.. I am a romantic girl who enjoys the spring time, sunny days, and the life in general. I like to cook, I like to grow flowers in my garden. Astrology From the earliest ages of the world’s history the subject of Astrology has excited the interest of, and exercised a great influence over, the minds of a certain order of thinking men.The science has never been universal in its acceptance, though it is safe to say that, with its countless adherents in the East and the ever-increasing number of its advocates in the West, there is no faith which has a more universal application than the belief in the influence of the heavenly bodies over the destinies of human beings.I want to make the world even more colourful finding my soul-mate.