We did our investigation and found some facts you’d be interested to know. is owned and run by the LLC Company that owns the dating site among many others.

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Owning and maintaining a website is costly and the owner knows this would probably be a turn-off for many site users.

So, they need to make their site’s membership exclusive.

This scam only exists to help and its affiliates grow their number of members (mostly fictitious) to fill up the dating sites because there are not enough people using their services.

Remember that it’s not safe to post anything on this site, nor can you know who is a real person and who is just a profile created by re-working other peoples info.

You, just like anyone else will post flattering photographs of yourself, drop a few lines about your personal interests, hobbies, ect.

By this time, you have most probably skipped one vital step and that is to read the terms and conditions of use.

Profiles include standard physical and lifestyle information, photos and results of the personality test.

Once you've completed your profile, you can access detailed information including charts and graphs explaining the results of your personality test.

The answer is that you cannot know whether the dating profiles you see on the home page are created using other people’s personal info or whether they are genuine.