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Unfortunately, this fact does not prevent teens from typing on that keyboard and logging into My Space.

Even though My Space has turned over a large number of predators, teenagers choose to ignore it, and talk through a chatroom in hopes of a relationship or best friend.

Every year, thousands of teens talk to people that they have met through the web, and their stories end in a nightmare that could have been prevented. With technology today, you can check the history of what sites your child has been to, and some computers have restricted time so their kid may only have a certain amount of internet time on the computer. Even when a parent catches their child talking to a mysterious person, they might just say 'No, do not do it again.', and leave it at that.

Yet, more and more teenagers are talking to a stranger behind their parent's back, and they are getting away with it! Still the child could still be talking to that same stranger, and be more secretive about it. Maybe they are busy and do not stop long enough to realize that their teenager is constantly on the computer as if their eyes are glued to the screen.

My Space, probably the most known social networking site, is the most talked about site on news programs, TV, and radios, and another site Facebook is beginning to rise.

Other sites such as You Tube and are websites that allow videos to be posted, showing even more about a person.

Natually these sites attract a lot of teenagers around the world, but on the unfortunate side, these sites captivate many sick and horrible people who do not have their head on straight.

Chatrooms enable anyone of any age to enter and talk with anyone, and because of this, many teenagers and young adults have ended up raped, kidnapped, or dead. Why are parents not paying attention to their child when he or she is using the computer?

Sites like My Space and Facebook have chatrooms available for anyone to enter, and these hotspots could be the vital end.

Despite the fact that there are real life nightmares that were a result of internet chatrooms, teenagers still give away information about themselves on the all acces web.

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