” To address the latter question, there are many steps you can take to maintain your emotional and sexual bond.

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Dear Roe, I’m in a long-distance relationship and my partner asks to have cyber sex even though he knows I’m very uncomfortable with it due to trust issues from my past and also his past behaviour.

My question is, is he being disrespectful to my feelings by regularly asking or should I appreciate that he wants me in this way?

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However, none of this will matter unless he can prove that he can address the issues underlying your refusal to have cyber-sex with him, namely: “Will you respect my boundaries, comfort levels and consent? ” All of these questions are important and need to be explored together so that your relationship can move forward.

But remind him that consent and respect are the basic tenants of all relationships, and if he doesn’t start acting accordingly, that distance between you will become a permanent chasm.If you do want to explore different ways of being sexual without sharing photos or video, play with ways to express yourself.Have some sexy conversations over the phone, text each other some fantasies, or even swap links to random videos or erotica that you find sexy, so that you’re actively creating a sense of shared sexuality.A frequent internet axiom states that there are "No Girls on the Internet," that "girl" is actually an acronym (G. This is often true, but more mentioned jokingly, as a jeer towards those that pursue such acts.The truth, however, is that if you are RPing a sex act with a person who happens to be under the age of 18 on the internet, you may be breaking the law in their, or your jurisdiction, and this is a serious offense in most countries. His exploits featured heavily in the X-Factor RP server and ranged from a simple Dojo Blo-Jo to the more complex and verbose vampire-bar sex.I’m going to assume you feel your relationship is worth all of these struggles – including telling him point-blank that he needs to stop pressuring you, immediately.