And does it also make more sense now why we have so little recorded human history prior to roughly 2000BC?

Of course when the Romans burned the Library of Alexandria, we lost what little we even had then. When asked by a newspaper reporter about the first atomic explosion, Robert Openheimer, widely considered to be the father of the atomic bomb, apparently answered with something cryptic about the explosion being the first one in modern times." He is also widely noted to have quoted Indian history while watching his first nuclear explosion, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds..." Frederick Soddy, a well known physicist from around the turn of the last century, said this in 1909.

Indeed, even some modern explorers have fallen strangely and gravely ill when exploring this area (near Tunguska, site of an unexplained, massive, nuclear bomb-sized explosion about a hundred years ago, long before WWII).

The locals understandably call it the Valley of Death.

It had already been processed, and used, and wasn't any good for new fuel. And Plutonium is NOT a naturally occurring element.

It is formed ONLY inside weapons grade, breeder nuclear reactors. It was an abandoned, ancient, weapons producing nuclear reactor...

If you are not reading this on the Ancient Nuclear War dot com site, you are reading something someone has stolen from me, and you need to go to that site itself to read the real deal, and get the latest info on the actual book I am writing. And while the specific details may have become shrouded in myth, the point remains: they agree that there was an incredibly destructive war fought between very advanced civilizations.

How about the legends found worldwide of little people, leprechauns, fairies, gnomes, etc and so forth, Deep in the heart of Siberia lies a strange valley where the locals fear to tread because people that go there have a tendency to not come home.

And they are, practically speaking, identical to the ones that were created by the US Government in the Nevada desert when they were first testing the modern atomic bomb.

The previous explanation for all these phenomena was "meterorites", but the patterns are all wrong.

Would you believe that the moon even has at least one sea of glass on it?

In short, the government of India wanted to build a new housing community. When they went in to find out why, they discovered that the entire area was inexplicably radioactive, and in a circular pattern (with a very radioactively hot ground zero point) consistent with what occurs underneath a typical air-burst nuclear detonation.

In an area of stable geology, they found a number of deposits, all oddly enough in a straight row, and actively mined them. They WERE consistent with used fuel, the kind that is pulled OUT of a nuclear reactor after use!