It's pretty clear that she's got grit — in the middle of the interview, she picked up a bee off the pavement with her bare fingers and coaxed it into flying away. That was sort of the initial plan, and once I came on as a producer, we were still sort of in the "maybe it's a short film" or "it could be the first episode of a web series," and then we started shooting our first shoot, it was a six-day shoot, and sort of halfway in the middle of that, someone posted something [online]. He just looked at me and he said, Zoe, I'm Quentin Tarantino, and I don't make bad casting decisions. And then Django, it was this tiny little cameo, but that was — he took me out to lunch, he's like, "I'm trying to figure out how to write you into this movie, but you're white and female and kind of pretty." And I was like, "Well, that's kind of a compliment — thanks, mate."You've been injured kind of seriously a couple of times. I learned that lesson and frequently forget it again." Can you tell me about working with Morgan Freeman? I remember one day being like, I have to go up and meet him now, otherwise what happens if, for some reason, I never get the opportunity again, and I've worked with him and I haven't met him?

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Kurt Russell's character is like an older (more evil, sorry for the spoilers) version of his character in Big Trouble in Little China.

All the Quentin hallmarks are there, fast cars, long pop-culture-laden dialogue scenes, and confirmation that he has a thing for feet. movie..never fails to keep the audience entertained! sense of humor then you should definitely like this..don't turn it off when the credits start at the end..not over just yet!!

I think Planet Terror was better, but this is still a great movie. This is gritty and violent as all his movies are but with a 70's like movie and Kurt Russell as a incredible bad guy..Disney Kurt Russell here!

Zoë Bell was a few minutes early to her interview at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and to get my attention she called me on the phone and then stuck the better part of her torso out of her car window and waved both of her arms grandly.

If we'd done it by the book straight off the bat, there's a good chance it would never have got made into a feature.

It's one of those, like, you take those freak opportunities and just close your eyes and decide to run with it and wake up and go, oh, shit, okay, now we're doing it. ZB: Basically it's about sort of a twisted society. When she embeds in the jungles of Colombia with a squad of missionaries led by a beloved and charismatic Spaniard known as “El Guero” (Nacho Vigalondo), she finds herself in the middle of a conflict as violent as any she’s photographed.One night, she happens upon El Guero committing a heinous atrocity, capturing the vile act on film, an image with the potential to discredit and destroy El Guero.She hesitated when she saw the script for Oblivion — her character didn't even have a name at that point. "And then I reminded myself that it was Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, and I was like, psh, even if it doesn't turn into anything," she said. My first couple of jobs back were all — I don't know, it shifted me, and it took me a while to appreciate that I'd been shifted. That kind of "just do it" attitude is what got Bell, who is now 34, her first stunt gig on Xena in 1998, and what landed her a job on Kill Bill when she had only planned a three-month holiday in Canada (she never moved back to New Zealand), and what landed her a producing gig on Raze, a short film that accidentally became a feature. And so I tried it, and it didn't work, and we think I fractured one of my vertebrae, and was kind of out for 10 weeks, and aside from the massive realization that I wasn't invincible, the other thing that kind of hit me was that it was my first actual realization of the respect I should have for my body. I couldn't crawl for eight or nine months: I couldn't baby-walk, you know? I was like, okay, I've grown into somebody slightly different due to this. Did you answer the question for yourself, what if I couldn't be a stuntwoman? The reality is, if I wasn't a stuntwoman, I remember thinking that as much as I love my work and I love the feeling of success with stuff, that actually, (We emerge from the tomb.) that doesn't have to define the most important things in my life. fit=300,194" data-large-file="https://i0com/ fit=1000,563" / DAMIEN | Image and trailer courtesy of A&E " data-medium-file="https://i2com/