Shape the future of Windows by letting us know what you think through the Feedback Hub and other Insider channels.Use your Azure Active Directory (AAD) credentials to register for the program and install Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.You should always try to add checks to your code to make sure that it can deal with bad input and edge cases gracefully.

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Signal Tap II File is not compatible with the file programmed in your device.

The expected compatibility checksum value is [SOF Checksum]; the value read from your device is 0x A1B2C3D4 To work around this problem, remove the ./megafunctions folder from your Quartus II project so that the Quartus II software uses correct version of the Signal Tap II libraries.

This problem is scheduled to be fixed in a future release of the Quartus II software.

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As you program more, you will get better at identifying and fixing errors.

Here are some examples of syntax errors in Python: – a problem which was not detected when the program was parsed, but is only revealed when a particular line is executed.The error is caused by a mistake in the program’s logic.You won’t get an error message, because no syntax or runtime error has occurred.Syntax errors are mistakes in the use of the Python language, and are analogous to spelling or grammar mistakes in a language like English: for example, the sentence Python will do its best to tell you where the error is located, but sometimes its messages can be misleading: for example, if you forget to escape a quotation mark inside a string you may get a syntax error referring to a place later in your code, even though that is not the real source of the problem.If you can’t see anything wrong on the line specified in the error message, try backtracking through the previous few lines.Errors or mistakes in a program are often referred to as bugs.