Research has shown that the only thing worse than a bad profile picture is no photo at all.

A lack of photos instantly alienates a huge amount of online daters because it makes them question why you want to hide the way you look.

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In order to avoid seemingly forced shots pick a place in which you feel comfortable and at ease.

Aiken recommends being photographed in your house or garden because it’s somewhere where you feel relaxed and this will show in your picture.

Secondly, good profile pictures are a useful way to back up the impression you have created on your online dating profile.

As Aiken explains: ’it’s important to make sure your profile picture says the right things about you.

That way you’ll attract the kind of people you want to. But how do you make them both memorable and flattering?

Follow our six step guide, compiled together with Toby Aiken. Get comfortable The best photos are those which look natural.

If you want someone to get a true indication of your character it is important that it’s captured through good profile pictures.

With the help of expert photographer Toby Aiken, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to ensure your online presence consists of flattering photos that accentuate your best side, so that people can get to know the real you online.

Consciously relax your muscles and try to go with a natural smile.’ Confidence is key in real life and equally in photos.

If you feel attractive as the photos are taken you’re sure to have some good profile pictures. Think about the background too Of course you are the focus of your photo and it’s important that you keep it that way!

There’s nothing more attractive than confidence and a picture of you smiling happily can only be received well.