Since I installed HP Laser Jet P2050 drivers and monitor software, I regularly get annoying popups with ads for HP care pack. Trying to change the (privacy) settings redirected me to a website, where I had to agree to terms that would be shown after entering the site, for which I had to agree to the terms I could not see. The source of the popup ads is HP Tool Box FX, which monitors the printer status.

As I did not want to completely remove all HP Tool Box FX functionality, I started digging in the section of the registry, where HP Tool Box FX is started.

On this page I'll be writing about strange tweaks I sometimes use to solve or "work around" a problem.

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I suspect it wouldn't have been wise to use of pictures with the quality (resolution) set to maximum.

Copying the contents of my 32GB Compact Flash cards to my hardddisk may take a while, if I had a lucky day. Thanks Kazuyuki Nakayama After a while, the solution described here failed to work in Windows 7.

I hope I'm not infringing any copyrights by summarizing: Did I mention you should make a backup before trying this? recognize and restored the image backups I had to the new disk.

Some time later, a colleague sent me a link to Knowledge Base article Q305098, which explains how to make Windows 2000 (SP2 and earlier) aware of harddisk capacity over 137 GB.

For several reasons, instead of buying a new one, I recently upgraded my 6 year old laptop from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Of course, I used the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor first, to make sure the upgrade would be possible at all.

I have often wondered why on Earth did Microsoft decide to deliver Windows XP Home Edition with many unsafe security settings as defaults, and without the tools to improve security?

Well, that said, I didn't bother until I found out that the laptop I wanted was available only with Windows XP Home Edition preinstalled.

So this brings me to the tweaks I found to "restore" Windows Explorer's Security tab: The easiest way for ad hoc use is to boot the computer in Safe Mode whenever you need to set permissions.