Users are redirected by potentially unwanted adware-type programs (PUPs).

Therefore, the presence of data-tracking apps on your system can lead to serious privacy issues or even identity theft.

All potentially unwanted programs should be uninstalled immediately.

In fact, these applications only deliver intrusive ads and collect personal information. Adware is often distributed using a deceptive marketing method called "bundling" - stealth installation of PUPs with regular software.

Developers know that users often rush the download/installation processes and skip most steps.

Therefore, never trust these pop-ups or update your installed applications using third party tools - this behavior can lead to high-risk computer infections.

As mentioned above, adware-type applications deliver various intrusive advertisements such as banners, pop-ups, coupons, and so on.

Firstly, analyze each download/installation step using the "Custom" or "Advanced" settings.

Secondly, decline offers to download/install third party software. Text presented within "Adobe Flash Player Update" pop-up: Adobe Flash Player Update Install Adobe Flash Player and enjoy the largest database for: Music Albums with user-friendly interface All Song Formats with easy access Videos Library leading video codec library .

Be aware, however, that this pop-up is not genuine and attempts to trick users to install.