(read more) SCRANTON — The Scranton School Board unanimously passed a 2018 budget with a .5 million gap, a property tax increase and a reduction in the teaching staff that does not specifically address which or how many positions. Just wanted to say hi and thank you to everyone for there support and prayers over the past 6 months!! Binsack extolled the physical benefits of incarceration: "It was a nice vacation LOL Put on 25 lbs of muscle feel great look great!!! Binsack was held at Rockview in Centre County on three probation violations.(read more) Scott Binsack is out of jail and back on Facebook. After his release, he was ordered to report to a community corrections residency to undergo mental health treatment, said Sherry Tate, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole.His last meal had included French toast, bacon topped pizza, chicken-fried steak, and, of course, Mountain Dew, though he hadn’t eaten a bite. I love you.”n early 2013, Beth Derenne from the Women’s Prison Book Project sends me a packet of thank-you letters from women who’ve participated in her book exchange.

Letters between pen pals are almost always exchanged for the opposite purpose and with the opposite effect: connection.

The act of pen-palling mirrors the mindset shift that will be necessary to rethink how our society “does justice” on a much larger scale.

So I asked what life was like in Polunsky, what protest actions he had planned for the future, and whether he had any appeals left to fight his sentence. My string of questions began wearing itself ragged.

I was repeating myself, struggling to avoid the one topic that burned at the forefront of my mind and the tip of my pen. I tried to send him copies of Punk Planet; they didn’t get through inspection. He wrote, “The biggest part of being an activist is reaching out and instilling the spirit of revolution and resistance in our fellows, to break the herd mentality…you place us into a situation where all the fuel is already there, and all it needs is a spark.”I wrote, “I am so impressed with all you are doing! You’re dying.” We traversed light, safe, death-free discussion terrain: Chicago bookstores, my work at Punk Planet, the merits of Mountain Dew (which he loved and I hated).

Often, though, the “use” of pen-palship is not in the particulars of what is being communicated, but in the act of communicating.

Prison is built on a logic of isolation and disconnection.

Over the past eight years, I’ve corresponded with a couple of dozen pen pals in prison.

The “use” of pen-palship has made itself visible in small and large ways over the course of these loosely threaded friendships.

I soon developed an ongoing correspondence with my first prison pen pal, Steven Michael Woods, who was on death row in Texas.