On its face, each one of these returns appeared to be legitimate, he added.Washington is charged with grand larceny in the third degree and petit larceny.

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We have notified Ebony's probation officer in New Jersey so they can take action as Ebony was prohibited from continuing to fraud companies.

We are fairly certain she will go to jail for this obvious probation violation.

I have also forward this complaint to the BBB, and the US Attorney General's Office for my State.

I would run far away from this company as possible, they are a complete Rip Off.

Shed allegedly worked the scam from November 16, 2010 to February 17, 2011.

She was arrested when she allegedly tried to return a paper-filled box to the Farmingdale Target Thursday just 20 minutes after she bought it.

Ebony has a habit of buying items and then issuing what is called a "charge back" with her bank.

Normally, companies do not respond and the customer, like Ebony walks away with the merchandise and refund.

Once I have received my refund, as agreed by the company, I will no longer seek any further actions, and the issue will be settled. A consumer can not be arrested when a scams the consumer.

Which any consumer will see reflected with the BBB I will update this report again, when the matter is fully resolved, and I have received my refund. We will keep you updated as this company is being investigated for selling FAKE HCG.

READ: Foreign websites steal our content We have waited for 1 week for Ebony to update Rip Off Report, but she hasn't to date.