Prodigals leave home and forget where they come from .They leave home and live like the devil, and leave the ones they care about behind. But when the prodigal comes home he is welcomed with open arms, completely forgiven. His choices certainly weren’t wise ones, but he wasn’t about to admit defeat.

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This is a revelation that kept me going, even when things felt like they were entirely my fault.

I knew we had to start with the truth, no matter how ugly. His heart was so hardened, and he had given up fighting.

I didn’t scream and yell, even though inside I did.

When I left the park I felt emotionally drained, but I was learning Josh’s addictions were not a reflection of my lack, but they were a reflection of his.

Once you have the app installed on the target device, XNSPY will start fetching internet browsing history.

All the tracking internet history can be accessed from your XNSPY Dashboard, a browser-based control panel.

Such an app gives you access to all the sites visited or bookmarked by your kids or employees.

XNSPY isn’t available on the Play Store or App Store, so you will have to download it manually on the target device (See: How to Install).

The ever-rising stories of children being sexually abused and groomed for sex and other types of online crimes are making parents revise their entire parenting practices.

Even some of the laxest parents now want to have parental controls on their children’s electronic devices to watch over what their kids are up to on social media, instant messaging, or web browsing.

Tracking internet history on a cell phone is one of the top Google searches. Because there are millions of parents around the world who want to know what their kids are browsing on their personal cell phones and tablets.