She loves Lilo more than anyone or anything in the world and does all she can to keep her from harm.

She is kind and hardworking, and she proves that while she is somewhat irritable, she can also be compassionate and understanding as she usually forgives Lilo and Stitch for their antics.

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Nani appears in the film, having become Lilo's sole guardian after their parents' recent death. However, Nani will have to prove that she is capable of caring for Lilo in order to prevent Lilo from going to a foster home, a task that proves to be a difficult one.

Nani is visited by a social worker named Cobra Bubbles who is concerned that Nani cannot adequately take care of Lilo. When Cobra leaves, both sisters get into a huge argument.

Through her sister and the loss of their folks, Nani is shown to have a motherly side, and often makes decisions based on Lilo's best interest, alone.

In the original film, her custody over Lilo was put to the test at the hands of social worker Cobra Bubbles, who, despite regretting the thought of having to separate the two sisters, is looking out for Lilo's best interest, as well, knowing she needs a figure who can handle the task of raising a child.

Just like her baby sister, she loves and misses her parents very much and is usually depressed on the anniversary of the day they died.

She is the breadwinner of her family and loves Lilo more than anything, but at times is ashamed she didn't make more of her life.

However, Jumba makes an attempt to capture Stitch from underwater.

To everyone, it appears that Stitch had tried to drown Lilo. Bubbles sees the whole thing and tells Nani that he will come for Lilo in the morning. Bubbles the next morning, Nani is informed of a job offer by David.

From the number of surfing trophies she has in her room, it is possible that she could've had a successful career in surfing or even had gone to college had it not been for the death of her parents.