or just hand them up for an anniversary, rehearsal dinner, wedding or Valentine's Day!

A large string has 10 "pages" and extends to approximately 20 feet.

Designs: Amor Eterno (eternal love), doves, hearts Colors: Rosa Mexicana, yellow, bougainvillea, marigold & red Large Romantic Papel Picado Banner - 2-panel design with Skeleton Novios and Amor Eterno designs.

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Use for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, office party, school, or wedding. Note: New & improved design looks much better with a dove (without a letter in it's mouth) and "Felicidades" on top. B1338 $35/10 piece assortment paper in bright assorted colors B1338-100 $300/100 pieces B1338-200 $550/200 pieces 1 custom design with up to 3 colors. 100 pieces @ $3.50 each | 200 pieces @ $2.75 each Contact us to order. If you want a customized look, we can have our artist include the bride and groom's names and date of the wedding! Orders must be made 8 to 12 weeks in advance, 18 banner strings minimum. He cannot cut less than the minimum order because he uses handcrafted chisels and cutting any less ruins the paper or plastic (plastic slightly higher).

The minimum order for custom papel picado banners is: 18 banner string units (consisting of 10 14"x19 panels") @ $18.00 per string = $324.00 Each banner string stretches to about 20 feet. Most colors are available in Mexico, however, the colors may be approximations of what you view on your computer screen at home.

Papel picado banner strings have been used in front of churches and in patio reception in Mexico for hundreds of years.

Hang them at the ceremony location, bride's home, reception or bridal shower.

for the beautiful job you did on our wedding papel picado. We ended up taking one of the squares and framing it as a memento.

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