Needs are interactive You can click on a specific need to get your Sim to resolve their wants or cravings.

That may mean they promptly head to the nearest bathroom, grab a sandwich or get into bed without you having to direct them to the appropriate household object.

My first truly “audiophile” rig was fronted by one of the earliest us B DACs. The Raven turntable was chunky and elegant, with an industrial sense of purpose that I found fascinating. And I’ve been a happy little vinylophile ever since.

This was awesome for me, because dubbing from CD was way easier. In the meantime, I’ve been all about computer audio. We all start somewhere, and I, at least, started from a place of ignorant appreciation, but not necessarily admiration.

I thought Napster was awesome (though I never inhaled...ahem). I have a stack of old i Pods and most of them still work. The first that truly amazed me, that caught my eye and fired my imagination, was a German machine from a company called TW-Acustic.

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You might have to drop the phrase “superior sonics of vinyl” at least once to get him past that initial shock of disbelief, but, don’t worry, your victim will soon do one of the following Very Entertaining Things: A.

Find a sucker who just spent a pile of money on a DAC and then burble about that new LP you just bought.

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now available on PC and Mac, it’s easier than ever to get involved with the latest iteration of The Sims.

Since the game was launched, we’ve had its first ever expansion pack called The Sims 4: Get to Work and two stuff packs themed around the “Luxury Party” and creating the “Perfect Patio”.

There’s even the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack available too.

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