This is where people are forced to retire at the age of 65, yet do not qualify for the State pension until at least a year later.

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If your business is just getting off the ground or doesn't meet the annual revenue requirements of some lenders, you can still take out a loan for your small business.

While most direct lenders for small businesses have an average requirement of one year or more in business, some will consider newer businesses.

“The analysis also shows that a retirement age reform that increases the current statutory retirement age by five years in each European country, roughly corresponding to the projected increase in life expectancy, could more than offset the impact of demographic change on fiscal balances,” she said.

The Citizens’ Assembly recommended last weekend the abolition of the mandatory retirement age.

Whether you're a one-person company or the head of a Fortune 500 empire, it's likely you'll need to pay business-related expenses. These cards can help manage company expenses and keep business and personal costs separate — something your accountant will appreciate.

A number of the best business credit cards we review also earn rewards, like cash back or points, for purchases you make with the card, have additional expense management tools to see where the money is going and offer special cardholder perks.“A shrinking labour force, combined with a growing old age dependency ratio, is expected to reduce tax revenues and raise pension expenditures in the future,” she wrote in an academic paper.Dr Doorley said there was a need to raise the statutory retirement age to 70 across Europe.This type of credit check will not be noted on your personal or business credit reports, so it won't have a negative affect on your credit should you be turned down.However, if you qualify for a loan and go forward with a full application, the small business loan service will perform a hard inquiry to get your full credit history — which will show up on your credit reports.Also coming down was the cost of health insurance policies.