We give a lot of others significance in our lives even when they don't deserve it.It doesn't matter if they're family or if you've known them forever. In my career, there have been roles I haven't taken because someone involved with the project gave me a bad vibe.

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My pussy would continue to pump your cock, I then would feel ...

I'm sorry the other pics I sent you were too blurry but how are these? I want to tell you about what I like to do in the shower.

The men I'm with are almost always between 35 and 60. Over the years, we have both tried many different things together and our stories are many.

Recently, he showed me your website and is always asking about sending in pictures to see what others think of our exploits. When my wife I were dating, she was very conservative sexually.

But I always remember this great line from a movie: "All we have..all these years." We can fill those years with toxic, negative people or with fun, positive people.

You don't get any points when you get to heaven for putting up with bullshit. I don't care how much money is on the table: No job is worth feeling uneasy every day.As women we're taught early on to be polite, to be nice, to not make anyone uncomfortable.I love being on my hands and knees in front of a man. We didn't want to do this but we did lose a bet and now we must pay up. We got some great pics from our wild readers of girls showing boobs or tits or breats or whatever you wanna call them!I love lowering my head and lifting my ass up in the air, offering myself to him. I love the feeling of exposure that I have as I spread my legs, knowing he can see how wet my pussy is and how much I want his cock. I love the feeling of anticipation, the feeling of not knowing, of my pleasure being at his whim. My friend and I (seen on the bed) made a bet while clubbing with a guy friend of ours that he wouldn't streak naked, after we left, down the street to our car. Girl friends and Best Friends decided to 'show your tits' for us in public places adding a bit of zest! We love your site because we love public sex and dares.It might sound harsh, but you know what else is harsh?