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Created to provide a platform for African-American-owned restaurants, Chicago Black Restaurant Week ends on Saturday, so stop by one of the 15 participating restaurants for special discounted deals. Celebrate Chicago’s rich theatrical culture starting this weekend through Feb. Theatergoers will have over 100 productions to choose from, including Broadway in Chicago's splashy "Cabaret" and "Bye Bye Birdie" at Drury Lane Theatre. Kulturkueche Cooking Class Learn how to make a traditional German baked apple pancake with chef Rita. Audience members become part of the action through song and urban folk dance. Menu options include a crawfish boil, gumbo and fried oyster po’boy. Take a break from winter and stroll through a colorful display of more than 10,000 orchids in bloom. The bar begins serving at 11 a.m., so bloody marys and mimosas are available while you browse. As a reward for baring your best, you also get acces to a party, drinks and an awards ceremony. They use the interactions, improvisation, multimedia and original music to share the results of when real people talk to fake, “undateable” characters. Visitors also have the option of a special tea service at extra cost.

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In 2013, two managers of the now-defunct Famous Hot Models pub were found guilty of pimping – selling oral sex by their Filipina hostesses – on the premises of their establishment.

Despite the public outcry for a clean-up that the case sparked, it is difficult to believe that in-house sex is a thing of the past in the watering holes of Orchard Towers.

Begs the question: Despite these obstacles, what is the secret behind the longevity of this tower of power?

Evolution with the times, or a simple business model capitalising on a perennial demand?

A fortune-teller had advised her to keep her huge litter of dogs, as he claimed that they were the source of her luck, against the regulation of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore. Over its four decades of existence, and over two decades of soliciting, the grand old dame persists as a very lucrative business – despite its carnal image and depraved symbolism – which has declined innumerable buy-over offers.

In the fourth quarter of 2014 alone, Orchard Towers was in the news several times for all the wrong reasons, from the unprovoked physical assault of a French national in Naughty Girl pub, to the roughing up of a young 27-year-old woman because she had turned down the advances of a 45-year-old suitor, who had had a few too many in the Towers.“Men need an outlet,” reasons Rizal (not his real name), 24, who only started frequenting the Towers last year.An outgoing personality, he only agreed to comment on his intimate relationship with the Towers after a few rounds of coaxing.Before the government could act, a litany of neon-lit nightclubs had taken up residence in the degenerating towers.By the 1980s, Orchard Towers’ entertainment establishments had multiplied, each purveying perfectly legal avenues of release that could not be prosecuted, or so they seemed on the surface.Two employees of rival massage parlours ended up in hospital and subsequently on front page news recently, when they assailed each other with sharp high-heeled shoes and claws a flying, in a bid to win the heart of a potential customer passing by.