Middle child Middle children enter a home that already has one or more people ‘in charge,’ and soon relinquish their ‘baby’ position when the next one comes along.

This leads to them having to cultivate some serious negotiating skills from the start, so that they can get a word in edgewise.

Then there are theories about your star sign deciding who you’ll be compatible with.

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Yes, a growing body of research attests to the fact that your birth order impacts your relationships more than you think it does!

The studies on birth order and personality are fairly recent, yet experts in this field strongly vouch for the theory that they don’t just influence our behavioral traits, but our choice of partners as well as how we’ll perform within a romantic relationship. Let’s begin by taking a look at each individual birth order personality to understand how much impact the birth order theory has on relationships.

Often they’re kind of spoiled and used to being…well…

A girl who is the youngest in her family is probably going to be a pretty high-maintenance girlfriend.

She’s incredibly competitive, due to having to essentially compete with herself literally since birth.

This makes her headstrong, stubborn, and a girl who never gives up.Middle children have grown up with people on either side of them who were also vying for attention, so dating a middle child means she’s going to want a lot of reassurance. Her jealousy mostly stems from wanting to be the center of attention (for a change) and be someone’s number one.She has a tendency to lean a little towards the jealousy side — not because she’s paranoid or thinks her S. Because of her inclination to attention seek, the middle child girlfriend is absolutely a people pleaser.Youngest children have grown accustomed to a certain level of cushiness to their lifestyle and it’s not one that they’ll very easily give up.They’re the girlfriends who will ask you take out the trash because their nails are wet, or change the channel because they don’t want to get up.They’re very predictable and reliable, and rarely play games that leave their partners guessing.