I had sunglasses on and just kept my eyes closed and picturing hot women.

I put on a condom and ended up fucking him in a few different positions and then to my surprise he end up blowing his load on my chest as he was riding me, then slid off my cock, dropped back down and sucked me to completion taking my load all over his face.

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In the other stuff I had already done I was totally calm and had no issues getting naked, getting hard and fucking in front of other people. I was going to be swimming naked in the pool and then get out and immediately go to the lounge chair next to the pool when the "pool guy" was going to show up to service the pool and eventually me who was masturbating while watching him clean the pool.

I actually was having a difficult time getting hard which was totally not the norm for me, but he came over and began blowing me for a while and soon enough I did get fully hard.

We all were going to suck and fuck each other, no holds barred type stuff.

I was extremely hesitant but he offered up my biggest payday yet and it was a good chunk of money for 4-5 hours of total "work".

I could also do bi scenes where a female actress or two would be involved. The next week they had scheduled me in for my first scene.

I was shaking like a leaf prior to which was totally not like me.

It started with just masturbation videos of me lying in bed, or on a couch or in the shower jerking off.

I figured I was going to do it anyway so why not get paid for it and I was getting paid 0-200 per day that I did a shoot. The guy running the operation said he was impressed by my "re-load" ability and also that I had just the right cock for it...

Mainly party drugs like coke and ecstasy, and of course plenty of weed, but on occasion other drugs as well.

When I was 19 years old and in college in Florida, I got really heavy into drugs.

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