(Again, the phenomenon is well known, as proven by the 7.2 million results an Internet search for “AAA Plumbing” will elicit.)Order aside, a desirable screen name will get more interest than a name with negative connotations, such as Little or Bugg, the researchers discovered.Women are attracted to names that indicate intelligence, and men —shocker alert — go for names that suggest physical attractiveness.Search engines sort results alphabetically, so browsing fatigue is another factor.

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Crinkling your eyes in your photo will help your online dating efforts, studies suggest — but the real key to making a love connection is picking a user name that starts with a letter near the top of the alphabet. This tip comes from researchers Khalid Khan and Sameer (soon to be Ameer?

So, Zorro Da Fox and Zelda Legendary, you’re forever at a disadvantage, no matter how you scrunch your peepers to prove your smile is sincere. ) Chaudhry, who analyzed 86 studies on modern courtship for a report published online this week — and timed, we can be sure, to Valentine’s Day — in the British journal Evidence Based Medicine.

I've been looking hard at the profiles of women on dating websites and conclude that many of them seek qualities that I don't have.

But I still find it difficult to identify quite what is so off-putting about me. Thanks to the many readers who have written in to share their experiences, from the awful to the ecstatic, I now have lots of ways to make your internet dating experiment more fun and less emotionally hazardous.

I've identified eight rules for successful internet dating, but before I pass them on to you, here are one or two happy stories to encourage you to persevere (which, by the way, is Rule Eight, so don't give up just yet).

Jane went online after she was widowed at the age of 59. "One seemed hopeful, but it turned out he was only wonderful when sober.

Though smacking of pop science, Khan and Semeer’s report stems from an earnest effort to identify an optimal approach to online dating, which has taken its place beside such traditional relationship-brokers as family, workplace and church, not to mention the bar scene.

They delved through nearly 4,000 studies and reports “scattered across psychology and sociology, as well as computer, behavioural and neurocognitive sciences” to find relevant data.

Many of you were disgruntled, even hurt, that people you approached online didn't reply. Make sure that your profile is fresh, amusing and different. If you find this hard, take the example of get a friend to write it for you.