Click on the links below to go to the relevant website where the software and usage instructions are available to download: A chat room or Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a place on the Internet where people with similar interests can meet and communicate together by typing messages on their computer.The messages in a chat room appear instantly to everybody who is connected to that particular chat room.If you would like to make a complaint about Internet Content, you should first make a complaint to the owner of the site.

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This is particularly the case where little or no attention has been paid to monitoring use, communicating with teenagers about use, or the security of the device being used.

In these types of cases, and for the purpose of this paper, online safety is a child protection issue.

The ACMA’s website, Cybersmart Kids Online is a must for kids who use the Internet, and for parents.

The website has lists of safety rules for kids of different age groups, to advise what they should do and be aware of when surfing the Internet.

The Guide for Internet Users can be view by clicking here.

If you feel the codes of practice have somehow been breeched, you should forward your complaint to the IIA using the below contact information: Postal Address for all correspondence: PO Box 3986, Manuka ACT 2603 Australia Phone: (02) 6232 6900 Fax: (02) 6232 6513 Email: [email protected] The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is an independent federal statutory authority responsible for the regulation of free-to-air radio, television, pay TV, digital broadcasting and Internet content in Australia.

This website contains basic information on how to secure your computer, best practice tips for smart transacting online, and information on keeping young people safe online.

The website is hosted by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts on behalf of the Australian Government and has received input and support from a range of other Australian Government agencies which have related responsibilities.

This section provides you with information on issues relating to online safety, such as how to protect your children from inappropriate Web sites, and how to ensure the security of your home computer on the Internet.

Also in this section is information on the regulatory regime governing the Internet in Australia.

Young people are increasingly exposed to an open and collaborative online culture, which allows them to access information, maintain friendships and relationships with family, and engage in creative content production (Collin, Rahilly, Richardson, & Third, 2011).