How they chose the top offenders is hard to say: Harvard has the distinction of appearing on the list.

If you are in a conversation with an administrator and you dare to use female pronouns when talking about rape, you will be repeatedly interrupted by those administrators, who will tell you (as if you hatched yesterday) that men are raped too. I welcome comments below (with links) from anyone whose campus anti-rape strategies actually address the sexual assault of male students. woman thing anymore; it is a man his friends all their girlfriends all the girlfriends’ girlfriends vs. Sure, it’s easy to blame the people with the penises, but how about all those women who are at parties and not stepping forward to stop rapes?

Then there are the women who need to be cool so badly that they participate vigorously in slut-shaming and reassuring the campus on Anonymous Confession Boards that “my boyfriend is a member of (name frat/team) and they are all really good guys who would never do something like this.

Add a lot of booze (and perhaps a drug cocktail) to the mix, and the chances of having what any experienced lover would call “good sex” diminish rapidly.

And yet, the conditions I described above do seem to be, conditions for sex at college: getting really plastered three to four evenings a week, and participating some kind of insertive sexual act.

At campus parties the plan can include some combination of the following: a room in a frat house that locks from the outside (sometimes called “the rape room”); accomplices who help to lure an inebriated or naive young woman to the room, and who guard the rapist from interference until he is done; and passive accomplices who know what is going on, but reassure each other that the assault is due to the “slutty behavior” or stupidity of the woman being raped.

The Hobart and William Smith events also suggest that, although campus authorities are freshly shocked, There is one exception to this rule.

Some had their cellphones out, apparently taking pictures, he said.” Go on: read the story and weep.

I do learn something new about rape every day: most of us in higher education are aware that What I did not know is that this period of time is known by college administrators as “the Red Zone.” Football fans will also be aware that the twenty yards prior to the goal line, in which the offense is expected to “assert its will” over the defense and “score” is also called “the Red Zone.” The Hobart and William Smith story is horrifying on many levels.

She charged several football players with this rape. A friend, who had been searching for her after he received text messages indicating she was in distress, finally located Anna at what seems to have been the second of at least two locations where she was raped.

According to Bogdanich, she was “bent over a pool table as a football player appeared to be sexually assaulting her from behind in a darkened dance hall with six or seven people watching and laughing.

I have also wondered — this is a connected, but separate thought — how many young women may be participating in sex as a social thing, without any real expectation that it will be pleasurable, with or without intoxicants. I say this as someone who truly believes that the possibilities for sexual pleasure are limitless, but that for both parties it requires alertness, eagerness, skill, sobriety, self-knowledge and physical care for the other person.