Most people don't know this, but he studied "Women's Studies" in university , which explains why he's so adamant about our app's mission.He is also a huge advocate for this social shift towards modern dating in the South Asian community that many are afraid to publicise".

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It prevents girls from being bombarded by any `creeps'.

It also flips the dating script, encouraging women to be more self-confident and assertive."Giving women the upper hand was important, "We stand by the idea that women should get a huge say on whom they're dating or marrying which isn't always the case in South Asian society .

Shawn finds the feedback "overwhelmingly great", with one testimonial reading, "Many young South Asians just want to talk to people that they can possibly date and let it be light, unlike South Asian marriage portals that make you feel there is a lot of pressure to get married.

I like how I have the power of being able to talk to guys that I want to talk too and who I find attractive".

There is no question about the fact that a smartly and honestly written dating profile can play an instrumental role in helping you expedite your search for the woman of your dreams.

In a dating profile, you have to outline your personality, you can either be descriptive about it, which is preferred, or you can keep it short and simple.It's hard for women, especially South Asian, to find a safe place to meet men and most want to use dating apps as these are one of the most common ways for people to meet these days.Lastly, most South Asians want to skirt the "old school" thinking when it comes to who they should date and when to start".Move over "bacholas" - relatives and acquaintances who arrange matches--and brokers, youngsters in the Punjabi diaspora have latched on to Dus to find their suitable bride or bridegroom.Fighting shy of arranged marriages and the ever-growing influence of technology, it's the Dus app -an online dating platform specifically for South Asians - that is acting as the virtual match-maker and providing dating opportunity to these Punjabi `munde' and `kudis' abroad.And the best part is you don’t even to put in a lot of effort.