In recent DFI Roads contracts, such the dualling of the A6, the appointed contractor assists with completing the design prior to beginning work, which can take a number of months.In addition, the contractor will need some time to ramp up for a project of this nature in a uniquely confined site that will likely require large cranes and a traffic management plan worthy of a small army.The plans and maps were outlined in a leaflet published in June 2011, accessible here.

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A tremendous amount of ink has been spilled elsewhere talking about the merits or otherwise of the DUP/Tory pact or the fact that this scheme and no others were explicitly funded, so I am not going to discuss that here.

Instead I will proceed forwards from the factual point that the money has now been made available.

It houses a large collection of work by writer Robert Burns, as well as more than 20,000 archive items relating to Irish politics and culture. It is now home to a Marks and Spencer department store. The first “Belfast Castle” was built by the Normans in the late 12th Century.

Guided tours of the library are offered in the summer months. The second was the home of Sir Arthur Chichester and was built in 1611, only to burn down in 1708. The Crown Bar, one of the most famous pubs in Belfast, was originally a Railway Hotel dating to 1826 when the first train ran from Belfast to Lisburn.

Civil War disrupted Europe’s cotton supply, Irish linen experienced a revival.

This migration brought tensions as Catholics and Protestants competed for jobs. Unionists/loyalists (primarily Protestants) wanted Northern Ireland to stay in the United Kingdom, while Irish nationalists/republicans (mostly Catholics) want to leave the UK and join a united Ireland.

Two of these were fully freeflow, and two required traffic lights on one of the links (see table below).

The various options each had different, but equally important implications for the local road network, especially access to and from the city centre, to and from the Port of Belfast and in some cases access to and from Clifton Street.

Nevertheless DFI Roads (the new name for Transport NI) have said since the funding was announced that the earliest start date would be 2019.

I have not had the reason for this confirmed, but I would speculate that it is because the final detailed design has not yet been completed.

There are a few less-obvious points worth highlighting to drivers about this design: Historical Background When the public inquiry that led to the construction of the Westlink was concluded in the late 1970s, it was decided to construct the Westlink to York Street, and to later build the M3 but that the junction between the two would be at ground level with traffic lights.