There are a lot of ways this would work for most people.

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Flirtic solves this dilemma with an algorithm that, as stated on their website, finds “your perfect match nearby.” This is after you complete a one minute compatibility test with the app.

The Estonian dating application claims to help those looking for love find it faster than they can do themselves.

Its an app that can find you your match right where you are sitting.

Its called Winks and it connects you with people who might actually be around you at the moment.

Secondly, it is a great way for two people to break the ice before they actually meet up. You have five seconds to make a good first impression.

Flirtic Even swiping right can seem tedious if you have to keep doing it in search of a nice face.

Like Tinder, you see a limited profile of another user and once matched, both of you can send newly taken selfies to one another.

To start a conversation on Blume, just send a new selfie. The app only allows you to view selfies for seven seconds before you take your pick.

But lusting after a Nordic beauty in a twinkling golden dress, while dancing to Happy House music is a long, long way from marriage. book, just so I could gaze at her picture and pretend we were special friends.

Later on, the first girl I kissed was blonde, I lost my virginity to a blonde and my first “real” girlfriend was blonde.

The UK’s one of the oldest and most crowded countries on the planet, while Finland’s one of the youngest and least densely populated.