This tutorial explains the procedure of validating an XML document with an XML schema.

To validate an XML document with the Xerces2-j parser, the Xerces2-j classes need to be in the classpath.

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So a DTD is only a part of the picture—an important part, but a part nonetheless.

A valid XML document is "Well-Formed", and also conforms to the rules of a Document Type Definition (DTD) , XML Schema, or other type of schema that defines the structure of an XML document.

Oxygen integrates the latest version of the Xerces-J XML parser to validate documents against XML Schemas.

Xerces is widely considered the best open-source XML parser and is used in many enterprise servers.

by Deepak Vohra 09/15/2004 An XML schema defines the structure of the elements and attributes in an XML document.

For an XML document to be valid based on an XML schema, the XML document has to be validated against the XML schema.

The Oxygen Validation Scenarios are very powerful and solve numerous important issues when working with XML markup and XML-related technologies.

They also allow you to work with modules and perform multiple validations with one action.

By creating or altering a DTD and making it available on the Web, you can effectively make a new or extended language understandable and usable by anyone whose browser supports XML.

Most XML pages use public DTDs, which allow them to exchange data with other users in a standard format.

Identifying and resolving errors in your project can be time consuming and frustrating.