Mitsouko is one of the well known aromas of chypre olfactory group with cool top notes and oak moss in the base.

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Sure, there are some pieces that I found really beautiful, but they were few and far between.

By contrast, there are people there who become verklempt before all of the paintings, gushing over the brush strokes, pontificating about the impressionism or whatever, the whole nine, but some of us just trudge through the place, utterly bewildered for the most part.

Both men went to war, and Mitsouko, hiding her feelings with dignity, waits for the outcome of the battle to discover which of the two men will come back to her and be her companion.

Mitsouko is mysterious fragrance, not allowing everyone to see its beauty.

VINTAGE, because the current formulations are absolute GARBAGE (pronounced gar-baaahj haha). They're just dusty and old and drab to my nose, like a lot of the Very Important Paintings. I bought a 50ml bottle of Mitsouko edt (2017 batch) because it was much cheaper than the edp, and I actually got a very good deal on it.

Try them I have - at great personal cost, mind - and... Mitsouko is the last of the four that I've hunted down samples for, and, yup, dusty, old, mothballs and velvet curtains in an out-of-use theatre building scent. I own a vintage 8 ml spray bottle and a 2 ml dab-on mini of the extrait.

I wore the extrait occasionally for the past 2 or 3 years; I would wear it more often, were it not for my being very careful with my vintages, which I don't have that many of.

I love the extrait - it still has the real oakmoss, it's potent, thick, and lasts forever on me.

The bottle has the same shape as the one of Heure Bleue (1912). This one is perhaps a bit fresh, a bit urinous (a floral / moss brand of urinous quality) with some very unusual white flowers, roses and spices.