However, some reporters and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) questioned this explanation and suggested that she instead might be an unrelated woman who had been held in captivity.

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and works as a village policeman in Oyadao village, traveled to the area and claimed that the woman was his long-lost daughter.

He last saw his daughter when she was eight years old; in 1988, she was lost in the jungle while tending water buffalo near the border with Vietnam.

The adoptive family was supportive of this new claim.

In August 2016, after immigration officials spent two weeks reviewing the case, the woman left Cambodia with her family and returned to Vietnam.

He was able to provide documentation about the woman's birth and disappearance, and shortly after brought her back to his village in Vietnam.

He received the support of her adoptive family as well as the approval of immigration officials.The so-called Cambodian jungle girl is a Cambodian woman who emerged from the jungle in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia on January 13, 2007.A family in a nearby village claimed that the woman was their daughter Rochom P'ngieng (born 1979) who had disappeared 18 or 19 years previously; the story was covered in most media as one of a feral child who lived in the jungle for most of her life.Vietnamese media have reported that her birth father discovered her through photographs on Facebook.The woman never learned to speak while living with her adoptive family in Cambodia, and according to her Vietnamese birth family, she has been that way since birth."We believe that this woman is a victim of some kind of torture, maybe sexual or physical," said Kek Galabru.