You guys are like my family far away in all this, connected by a common thread. Corey was the guy who made me successful, was always the light in a dark room Was always in the background, the guy who inspired every thing I've done on the internet for 4 years.

First person I've really valued/cared for, that I've lost.

It's a damn shame to lose such a gifted, driven, talented friend so soon. Corey Rudl, a bright, talented internet marketer, and valued colleague and mentor to me for years, was killed in a race car accident on June 2nd, 2005 at am.

He was in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, being driven by Benjamin Keaton.

I've never lost anyone important to me before, so I've just been sad, all weekend.

When I can compose myself again, I'll get a message up on the site.

He absolutely adored his wife, he loved doing business, he loved cars, and he loved his family.

His life coach told me at his Memorial, I never met anyone who had such an ability to not hold a grudge.the fire in his eyes, the genuine enthusiasm about how to add value and market to people around the world online....those images are always with me, and motivated me for years.Corey was one of the best and brightest, and a true motivator for all of us who learned from him...Here's a 'Corey thought' for the day: I like to think of Corey like a modern-day Indiana Jones, he was both the teacher, the professor who taught us, and also the adventurer, who was the first guy to test out and experiment with new approaches, then tell us how to do it, to help our customers.He was a genuine leader in this whole internet marketing arena, made such a big difference to me .. I trust Corey's whole approach, and it works spectacularly, and now I feel like a rug has been pulled out from underneath me, and it's hard to deal with. It was following Corey's training that helped me establish my trading sites back in 1999, and Corey was a pioneer who taught thousands of others how to build successful online businesses as well. and for showing how it's done in a world-class way. And I will miss you - you're a true teacher, friend and inspiration for all of us.