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Ensure that all attempts succeed by confirming that notification preferences are enabled on the Security Console and that appropriate notification templates exist whenever user credentials are to be sent.

Streamline the loading of large data volumes by monitoring the progress of the load and the estimated time for the load to complete.

Automatically synchronize user account information between Oracle Fusion Applications Security and Microsoft Active Directory. Now a notification email will be sent to the user who requests a password reset.

The user will be required to click on this link within a specific period of time to change the password.Select the option to enable user access to future-dated person records that satisfy all other criteria in the security profile.Simplify management of person security profiles with the removal of the Include Related Contacts option.The Import and Load Data page includes a load progress icon for each business object.When you click the icon, a progress Manage and use HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader using two new tasks, Manage Spreadsheet Templates and Run Spreadsheet Data Loader.Enforce accurate setting of the Credentials Sent indicator, which can be set once only for any user.