Updating these maps, in case they got outdated, or in case one was planning to drive to a new country, was a hassle, because one had to purchase a new card from the website, and then had to wait until it was shipped to him or her. With non-compatibility of software and maps across earlier and newer model releases to the official website for customer support for their GPS devices just vanishing off the internet, sparking rumors that the company went out of business or was bought out by competing GPS device-manufacturing company, have a very good reputation, if reviews are to be trusted.

Owners, apparently, also complain of the device's screen suddenly freezing, and this occurs at the most inopportune time.

here is a website that you can download the updates nexstarsite.com/Book/I hope this helps answer your question If so please click the green accept button, if not im still here to assist you, Thanks again, Charles Relist: Answer quality.

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If you're still holding onto a Nextar device from the turn of the century, you might have to settle for investing in a replacement.

You can only update one of these systems by replacing its removable, non-rewritable SD card with a new one containing updated maps.

Scroll down to the "Nextar" list and see if your device is on there.

If so, you can purchase maps updates from Naviextras.

Then take it to a Windows computer and head to the website, entering it as a guest user.

When the site's home page opens, look for a list of links inside the button on the right-hand side of the screen that reads, "Have any questions or need help?I was given a generic site with numerous categories. Do you need the serial number of my unit, more specifics?? Check the overview description to see which SD card lists your GPS model number and serial number. Insert the SD card with the maps update into the empty SD card slot. Reset the unit by pressing the "Reset" button if there is one or pushing the stylus into the "Reset" hole.I am still waiting for an answer - how long does this take? Click the "Navigation" button to have the maps automatically update on the GPSSo the site you need is again, Charles Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.GPS updates are important for a simple reason: Maps change.If you don't regularly update your Nextar GPS system, it might present you with directions based on an outdated map, which could easily lead you astray.You will be able to install updates and extra content provided by only on compatible devices.