To me that’s greatness.”26) Carl Paoli (Movement Expert) – “I want to make history.

When I say I want to make history, I want to make people understand that life is about living to the fullest.

That’s greatness in my eyes, its not about money, its not about success.”19) Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl) – “Being happy with what you;re doing and as much in control of your own destiny as you can be.”20) Derek Harper (Social Triggers) – “Being the best.”21) A.

J Jacobs (Human Ginea Pig) – “Having a sense of passion.

But, if your proud and have worked for something, then that’s greatness in itself.”14) Daniel Negreanu (#1 poker player in the world) – “Greatness is achieving a life that you’ve had in your mind and that you see for yourself and actually just living it.15) Dr.

Jeff Spencer (The champions blueprint) – You respect the talents that your gifted with and you’re obligated to grow those talents and build a life platform based on them, to be able to mentorship back to other people to help other people elevate their game.

being great mean being the most actualized version of yourself; the best version of yourself. They wanna be successful, but at the same time success has a greater meaning.

Having the balls and courage to look inside yourself and do the work to figure out what gives you a heartbeat and what gives you purpose. And then set in motion a series of actions that lead to a plan to help you more fully actualize that and live that. Its not just financial; its in relationships, in life. In hindsight it’s a very selfish attitude because a lot of people don’t get to do that.So greatness is actually using the power of psychology, using the power of emotions, to advance ones needs, agendas and happiness.”11) Tim Ferris (Author/Entrepreneur) – “Setting a goal that your former self would of thought impossible, and just trying to get a little bit better everyday.”12) Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) – “Greatness to me, is the equivalent of inspiration, and the more someone can inspire, the greater they are.“The true measure of your worth include all the benefits others have gained from your success.” – Colin Hightower.And the way you do that is if you have a vision, you have a dream, you have a need or a want. And it’s how well you execute on that, and it has to happen by sharing what you believe in.And sharing is not , hey guys this is what you’re gonna do.Whether that’s taking a chance, whether that’s working harder, whether that’s never giving up.