Reno Diagnostic Centers has two imaging centers in Reno.Radiologists read imaging exams at both centers and also read for five unaffiliated hospitals and clinics.

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Carestream is adding the Zebra software to its Clinical Collaboration Platform to help healthcare providers manage high-risk patients by targeting conditions such as osteoporotic fractures, high coronary calcium levels, emphysema and fatty liver tissue.

Het platform biedt op internationale standaarden gebaseerde oplossingen, zowel lokaal als ook als cloud gebaseerde diensten, welke zorg dragen voor kosteneffectiviteit, schaalbaarheid en zekerheid naar de toekomst.

Its low profile design practically vanishes beneath your TV, yet it fills your entire viewing room with epic home cinema audio.

Ten amplified internal drivers – six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer – replace the limited output of your TV's built-in speakers with deeper booms, crystal-clear whispers, and huge waves of sound.

• Gastronomie • Zon, zee, strand en meren • Bezoek wereldsteden vanaf de campings in Italië • Feestdagen in Italië • Italiaanse wijnen Veel campings in Italië bevinden zich tussen imposante bergen, meren of aan de kust.

Je kunt genieten van cultuur, eten en drinken, zowel op als rond de camping.

KLAS reports represent the combined opinions of people from provider organizations comparing how vendors, products, and/or services performed when measured against the participant’s objectives and expectations.

PLAYBASE fits conveniently between the legs of most TVs stands with separate feet. For best acoustics, set your PLAYBASE towards the front with 2” of clearance on each side.

The hospital has 2,100 employees, more than 200 affiliated physicians, 34,000 annual emergency department visits and over 5,000 annual admissions.

Carestream’s solution offers business continuity and disaster recovery by using synced primary and secondary data centres.

Carestream will give a presentation at SIIM entitled “Strategies to Help Radiologists Create Value in the Eyes of Patients and Referring Physicians” on Friday, June 2, in Hall B of the Exhibit Hall Theater.