Also, we've had a great time laughing at many of your crazy dare pictures!

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Sometimes these “bots” also catch directly real profile pictures (randomly) from other real users.

That´s why many affected users reported me recently they find their own profiles pics on others fake spammers accounts. You have to know that Instagram is conscious of this situation and working hardly against bots and spammers.

The mad scientists in our development lab keep muttering something about a new mobile app on the way... We're gearing up for some summer fun too, so keep Tordol handy for those upcoming beach parties and rainy-day get togethers! Be sure to bring Tordol along for your party, and share your craziest pictures with us for a chance to win some cool swag, and fame as our front page party. We're back from the holidays and working on fixing a few glitches with the update.

Look for fixes and a few new features to show up in the coming weeks!But it seems the Spam Bots are still alive and they daily create tons of new “fake accounts” generating tons of fake comments. At the moment, Instagram Community Team is probably submerged by million of “report abuse” notifications but that´s all we can do. ¿Cómo embeber tus fotos y vídeos de Instagram en tu blog o web? Your pictures will appear next to your comments for other people to enjoy.Please keep them appropriate, we know how you guys are.Free memberships are limited, so don't spend too much time at the beach or you might miss out!