Helps us to realize romance is not a hopeless cause in a relationship. Such as me wanted to audition to be a Disney Princess. I need someone in my life who has goals and does everything he can to obtain them.

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You date people who you don’t have to let your guard down with…you pick SAFE people.” I always knew what is what I did…it is different when someone who sees you as a daughter tells you that to your face. I know, like most girls…we just want to find a guy who thinks about our feelings and not just his own. You notice things like hair, eyes, smile, clothing…and from there you decide if it is worth finding out their name and Facebook stalking them a bit to find out the important details: like if they are single or in a relationship.

Someone who understands what you are going through when something upsets you. That is always the MOST IMPORTANT thing to find out.

Without hurting their feelings and crushing their dreams? Or that he is not the type of guy you see yourself with. I feel like I am always put in these situations….which end in heart break for the person of the opposite sex who finds me to be awesome and wants more than just a friendship. I have terrible luck…and I hate hurting peoples feelings. Just like my crush on Prince Harry, please, that is even more unlikely than the Twilight star.

This not only applies for guys (my situation) but I am sure there are guys out there who have had the same dilemma when it comes to girls they hang out with. It is even MORE uncomfortable when you had a thing with a guy for a bit, but then something like Christmas break comes around…and you don’t see each other for a month. Whatever the case may be…the feelings become blatenly one-sided when you come back. But, I suppose the best thing I can do is be honest….right? Although the thought still sits in my mind…”what if? Either way, it is just a crush and i love having little kindergarten crushes on people. Welcome to natural attraction and the dating world.

The one who will sweep her off her feet with love and romance and chocolate roses. Am I super imposed and exited he planned (intentional or not) a cute, romantic-ish date night for us? Whether he knows it or not, I’m so exited to have a fun, unique date night with him. Men aren’t usually romantic…but when they are, cherish that moment.

But let’s be real shall we…98% of men don’t have a romantic bone in their bodies. Now, I don’t expect my man to always shower me with romance…it ruins when he does actual plan something fun and romantic. My boyfriend just surprised me today with tickets to go to a bonfire and see some fireworks. Don’t expect then to always be this perfect…but know it is possible.Someone who pushes you towards your goals…like you do for them. someone who knows what they want with their future. By this point you are already dealing with a little situation I like to call “Kindergarten Crush Syndrome”.Someone who loves you…FOR YOU.all your imperfections. Along with tripping…and falling, I tend to run into things to. This is what happens when you are 5-years-old and the little boy/girl in your class shares his/her plato with you.These are the five factors I have decided I need and can’t live without. I need someone who trusts me as much as I trust them. (Sorry Chris) However, I instantly started chatting with him about his tattoo…which is super awesome! It was a mix between shock and embarrassment for NOT KNOWING THAT. With a personality like that AND a killer singing voice… If you ever are in need of a coffee date…paintball date…movie date…WHATEVER. When I was home I was called out multiple times for being too guarded…or too independent.All of these things I will now have on my list that will remain in the back of my mind when dating people. I am not saying I won’t still give you the benefit of the doubt. This one specific person I would totally love to just hang out with for a day…is the extremely talented singer/songwriter *drum roll please* Chris August. And as a lover of tattoos, how could I resist asking the story behind his and such? Luckily after a few minutes of tattoo discussion, Chris was distracted by someone else talking to him…and thank goodness for my fellow intern who then proceeded to whisper in my ear, “Psst.know who that is right? The next day I purchased his CD…and to this day its the only CD that has ever played in my car. The song I posted below is 7×70 which hits home for me in many ways.still to this day makes me tear up. I will be happy to oblige 😉 But seriously…so those who are reading this. That is how I am…not much I can truly do to change that instantly.I hate to say it…but I feel like I am ALWAYS breaking someone’s heart. You are instantly in love with him/her because of this moment you shared. Now, you can have a Kindergarten crush on more than one person. You only have to worry if that crush becomes more…but let’s be real.