There was a miniature convention, featuring expert pickup artists, in New York over Memorial Day weekend.

This is also after many years of putting myself in every situation possible to meet, date and network with others.

Now over the years, many of my friends and family who have had difficulty with this particular skill of meeting people (which subsequently affected their love life) have come to me for guidance.

The side that has set aside her dreams to help her sisters. It’s going to take more than a wish for these two to find their happily ever after.

And then there’s the fact that kissing her is pretty much the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

The last thing he needs is the distraction that is Pepper Watson.

She might be prickly every time he’s in her presence, but he sees another side of her.

Mc Fadden, 34, was standing behind three blond women who looked to be in their 20s.

They were among 60 men who had gathered for the weekend in what has become known as a pickup community, a movement, formerly secret, that is making its presence known.

I will never say you can’t find love without my date coaching, but if are you are tired of spending Friday nights at the movies alone, let’s partner together and turn your love life around!