Animals, on the other hand can have a very dark sclera.

I then noticed the eyes which had been staring coldly at me, and they were completely black. I felt an extremely strong need to get away from her as quickly as possible, as there was something quietly threatening about her.

Her stare was devoid of any emotion other than something very cold and disconnected.

“My husband and I were on our way up north on I-75 during the afternoon.

Luckily, it was not at our normal time in the evening.

There also was something almost predatory about her, as though she was homing in on prey while she stood there so still.

I also had a strange sense of her feeling superior or stronger in some way. I left as quickly as possible, showing as little reaction to her as possible.

It is, as if the their souls are enveloped in darkness.

In the world of paranormal, we often hear of people who had encounters with the most remarkable beings.

Health problems can sometimes cause the sclera to become yellow.

Certain medication like eye drops can result in that the sclera becomes transparent.

Perhaps the most bizarre and uncanny stories involve the mysterious black-eyed people.