When 20 miles away from the rendezvous point he sent a message to say that he had condoms with him.Defending barrister Simon Mintz stressed that no sex had taken place and there had been no meetings with children.He told him: 'You continued with what was totally depraved behaviour even after you had been arrested and appeared in court.'You travelled up there in the belief that you were going to meet up with and have sex with a 13-year-old girl.'It is abundantly clear that you were well aware of the risks that you were taking but you were determined to take those risks even after the involvement of the police and you were discovered.

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He was jailed for four years and two months and placed on the sex offenders' register for life.

He will be sentenced for the Newcastle offence at a court in the North East on Monday.

His surfer styled blonde hair was always combed and he prided himself on smelling good, even keeping an extra small can of body spray in his back pack. Instinctively, his penis found its way into her warm welcoming hole without him even touching it. "I want to make life inside you Nadia." Mike said picking up the pace even more. "Yup I am" Mike replied as he felt his life juice making its way up the tube. He didn't take his penis out but let it stay inside her. Kyle slide in in similar fashion as Mike, and could feel what he was sure was some of his friend's semen deep inside Nadia's body. He wanted to make the tingling feeling already engulfing his stomach and testicles. In no time Brandon was walking over, scooching down and lowering his rod deep into her already cum filled warm vagina. " Brandon exclaimed as his mushroom head passed through her warm welcome opening.

Kyle sported a black buzz cut, and was probably the arrogant one of the bunch. "Yeah, and we get to screw you UNTIL you're pregnant? He felt his pubic hair touch hers, and knew he was all the way in. Brandon and Kyle watched their friend in total ecstasy waiting for their turn. Kyle and Brandon watched as their friends nut sack almost disappeared as he discharged 5 solid ropes of seminal fluid into Nadia's fertile womb. Ejaculated or not, it still felt nice and warm in there and he wanted to enjoy it. Kyle stood up, grabbed his balls then rubbed his chest. As Kyle and Nadia began panting, Mike got up off the floor and walked over to join Brandon to watch the event. She clenched onto it, making it impossible for him to pull out even IF he wanted to. For all we know." Brandon replied standing up and starting to dress. I was the first one inside there and the first to release my seed." Mike replied laying his head back on the floor.

" Kyle asked her as he stopped his pumping in and out of her.

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When he arrived in Newcastle, Ellis was challenged by a member of the group before being arrested by police.

Footage of the confrontation in April shows the defendant sat in his car with a packet of sweets in his hand as he admits his vile intentions.

The court heard he now appreciated that he had a problem and needed help.