Slack remains the most popular team messaging app, but it doesn't work well for all teams.Twist by Doist is an alternative that was built when a geographically dispersed team realized Slack didn't meet their needs.

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You'll need to customize it to reflect your workflow.

That can be a large undertaking, but if you view it as also being a chance to codify and streamline the way you get work done, chances are good you'll soon be glad you invested the time required.

Collaborating is simply a different beast when it happens among hundreds of people across many offices than when it takes place in a single room.

Similarly, a team of only five or six people might be highly focused on what's happening in the moment, whereas a large organization with high turnover may make it a priority to preserve past conversations so that newcomers can quickly get acquainted with what has happened to date.

The best team messaging apps also have sophisticated alert systems, so the right people's ears will prick up when an important conversation is happening around a topic that's central to their work.

Some team messaging apps include additional communication tools, such as the ability to make audio and video calls, and to share your screen with other team members.

It's not a single, well-defined product, but rather a broad category of apps and services.

Enterprises, for example, have very different communication needs than small startups.

When teams use the right tools to work together, they often make improvements to both the process and the final outcome.

The right tools let remote workers communicate more efficiently.

While dedicated project management services usually have within them tools to manage work at the task level, Asana is a little different.