I think that actually motivated me to know how to play Andy not seeing her mother because I actually have a feeling as to what Andy would be missing out on in not having her mom around. I'm angry because she obviously wants to reach out and you'll see what happens with her and how we kind of develop, but that was something that's really interesting. It was so strange."Is it important to keep some tension between Andy and Sam in season three, because that's what the fans like? That's what I really love about a relationship - it's not like we're trying to create drama for the characters, that's what life is all about.

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I was looking at my phone, actually, which I still think is unfair because you could be looking at a map. I looked at it and I was actually reading something that was for '. When you're working, you see everybody and everybody really gets along well. Matt Gordon and I talk when we're not filming."I feel bad that I'm not saying other people's names. Here's the weird thing, when you start with a project you naturally feel that you understand the person or you don't.

They're going to read this and they'll be saying, 'I said you are my greatest friend and you didn't mention me! When I read this one, I really felt I understood Andy and I had things in common with her.

Ben Bass plays Sam on the hot Summer cop drama Rookie Blue.

He told us all about his character's steamy on-camera romance and all the surprises we can expect in the coming season.

saw protagonist Andy Mc Nally having her knuckles rapped for letting her personal feelings for rogue cop Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) get in the way of the job, with both receiving a suspension from 15 Division as a result. "I've actually had a lot of time off to do whatever I want to do, which has been great on one hand and difficult because I can't be with Sam.

But what does this mean for Sam and Andy's relationship, and what else will hit Andy during season three? So that's why I leave, because if Sam and I are together, we're going to lose our jobs."So is that what happens in the bit we haven't seen yet?

I am huge on justice and I really care that things are fair for people."These were things that we talked about that Andy would be displaying throughout the show. It's very strange when you're working for a long time, you kind of grow with your character and sometimes Andy goes through things that I haven't necessarily experienced yet, and then I have those moments in my real life and I'm like, 'What? I've said those words before but they just weren't mine and now I'm saying it'. It takes me about 45 minutes to put cuffs on people.

It's the strangest thing."Is there anything you struggle with? Any time I have to say real cop stuff, I can never remember my lines because it means nothing to me. That's why I can do this, because it's about relationships and how the job affects me as opposed to being a police officer.

Then he pulled all these people from the other booths to talk to me about Andy and Sam's relationship. I didn't understand, but I laughed and I appreciated it because he didn't check my car. If I keep telling you stories, you will think I get pulled over all the time! "I'm really close to Charlotte [Sullivan]; we live in the same place and we're very close to each other in Venice, in Los Angeles.