Here they valorate all the qualities that a beauty queen shold have, but in this round the msot important things are the body and the performance.After this competition the judges choose the Top 10.

Despire being one of the less watched edition, the organization apologized because they had not much time to make the contest, and they already promised to make 2012 edition even bigger.

The 2012 edition finished, aswell than 2011, in the following year... In early 2013, shortly after ending the 2012 edition, Rodolfo Mendieta announced he was no longer the president of Miss Sim Universe.

The third edition was finally realized in last 2011, ended in 2012, becoming the very first year that the winner was crowned in the following year.

It had almost 60 delegates, who were the same delegates who were going to compete in 2010 edition.

The first round is Official Gown Competition (In 2009 Edition it changed its name to "Meet the Delegates").

Here all the contestants have a runway with the same dress, in this round the judges evalaute their beauty, their performance...The third round is the Evening Gown Competition, it's the last runway for the Top 10. In this round the most important thing is the elgance of the girl.After this competition the judges choose the Final Top 5.In 2011 it was announced that the contest was going to have a new president: Rodolfo Mendieta from Mexico, who already owned the Miss Sim Mexico Pageant, so J.K, MSU's creator, left the contest after 3 years and 2 editions.The first edition of this contest was very succesfull, it has more than 20 delegates and finally Nashira Galistera from Turkey was crowned Miss Sim World 2007.